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Wonderful World of Words, 2nd Grade

Gabrielle Dunai


Hello everyone! My name is Gabrielle Dunai and I this will be my first year working at First Addition teaching Wonderful World of Words, Explore, and 2nd grade! 


I have worked in education for over 8 years, with much of my experience in early childhood education and the public school system in grades Pre-K through 5.  I currently hold Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Language Arts, and a Master’s in Social Work.   

I live in Hudsonville Michigan with my son Crosby and our cat Tommy Oliver.  We enjoy spending time outdoors, making crafts, reading, building Lego sets, and watching superhero movies. I also coach both his football and lacrosse teams. When I am not busy with my son, I also volunteer with Resilience in Holland and enjoy reading comics.