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Jamie Stewart


I’m Jamie Stewart. From my earliest memories, I remember loving to sing to God. I was 4 when I sang my first solo in church and I have said yes to almost every opportunity I’ve had to sing anywhere since then. My friends and family will tell you that I sing all the time and just about everything reminds me of a song. It should come as no surprise that my favorite movie is “The Sound of Music”. In 2010, I found an accomplished professional vocal instructor that I began taking lessons with. I have grown immensely in my ability to sing since that time. I love to share things I have learned along my vocal journey.


I have been leading worship in the church for the last 25 years. I particularly love singing in the church because I understand how we all endure hardships and pain in life. I enter every worship service with the understanding that people need to encounter Jesus and the real hope that He offers. I sing passionately knowing Jesus holds the answer to every situation we ever face.


I’ve spent the last 20 years working alongside my awesome husband Keith, a pastor, serving in the church in various areas. We have 3 children, Caleb (13), Levi (10), and Lyndsay (5). I have home-schooled them since 2016. I am originally from North Carolina. Yes, I do have an accent  I love walking, cooking healthy food, eating ice cream, reading books, reading the Bible, singing scriptures, listening to podcasts, leading worship, being married to Keith, doing flips on the trampoline with my kids, laughing with friends, and serving God as a lifestyle of worship. Most of all, I love Jesus and every good thing I have has come from Him!

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