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Jen Craig

Mixed Class 1st-3rd

Sharpened pencils, crisp paper, new crayons, and markers make me excited to begin a new school year! First and foremost, I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach at First Addition. This year I will be teaching 1st-3rd grade Mixed Class. 

I grew up in a small Northern Michigan town, in a big white farmhouse with apple trees blooming along the side, and an old worn-down barn in the back.  From a very young age, I developed three loves: a Love for the Lord, a Love for Learning, and a Love for Literature. I was inspired by my own teachers, especially my 2nd-grade teacher, but also by the 1994 movie, “Christy,” based on an American Classic by Catherine Marshall. As a result, I received my B.S. in Elementary Education from Taylor University, in 2007.  I also had a vast amount of interest in Intercultural Studies. 

My teaching career has led me around the Midwest and also internationally. I have had the opportunity to teach both full and part-time in every grade level, preschool through fifth grade, but most of my years have been spent in 2nd-4th grade, at a Christian school.  My husband and I currently reside in Zeeland and we have two elementary-aged children.


When my oldest turned six, I decided to expand beyond the walls of the classroom and explore home education. I have been inspired all over again, especially by books and the philosophies of education by Charlotte Mason. In 1st-3rd Blended Class, I will be focusing on the students’ relationships with each other, an engaging and enriching classroom environment, and helping each student to develop his/her own enjoyment and knowledge of God’s world. I am committed to helping your child grow spiritually, socially, and academically as we enjoy learning in our community together. I’m looking forward to a great year partnering with FA families!

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