Maria Quesada

5th-7th Spanish, Spanish I, Spanish II

I was born and raised in Costa Rica. “The happiest country in the world.” Since I was a little girl I always had the desire to help people, specifically the ones who were physically hurt. That is how God gave me the passion for medicine and my desire to become a doctor started growing more and more. I graduated from Medical School in 2010 and I had the privilege of working in Costa Rica as a Doctor in General Practice for almost 3 years. While I was doing my last year of med school God brought the most extraordinary man into my life, the man I was waiting and praying for my whole life. He became my husband 3 years later. After our wedding in May 2012 we decided to move to Michigan and start our married life here. This journey of living in a different country has been a total adventure that I have enjoyed every single day. God has opened the door for me in the area of Teaching, one thing I have always enjoyed doing. Teaching has become my new passion and I am so excited to share my culture, my language and who I am with others. I am so honored to be part of the Friday Addition Team this year. I am excited to have the chance to impact many lives in a positive way, encourage them to learn a new language and continue growing up in the knowledge of God.